New Position: Creative Services Director

I’ve been with my current agency, LAUNCH, since it started in March 2003. I’ve had several different titles, including Graphic Designer, Mechanical Artist, Art Director and Associate Creative Director. Through the years, I’ve had lots of creative opportunities, won a few awards, made lots of friends and gained a bunch of experience.

I am now being challenged with the new position of Creative Services Director.

LAUNCH provides a dynamic, wide range of services to our clients centered on three core competencies: strategy, advertising and design. Their future growth depends on continuing to build and strengthen a creative, collaborative environment where these areas work together effectively and efficiently.

The Creative Services Director is key in building, managing and optimizing this environment.  

This role requires a seasoned professional who understands the unique nature of an advertising agency, and what it takes to facilitate great work. The ideal person has a clear overall vision for the processes, protocols and tools required to achieve the above; is innovative, resourceful, proactive and solution-oriented; communicates effectively with partners and peers (and occasionally clients!) on activities that affect them and provides necessary information/training when required; establishes relevant measures/benchmarks to track progress on the above, and provides updates to partners/team as needed.

Here are my new responsibilities. 

  • Provide design support as needed to creative teams.
  • Create/design new business materials as needed.
  • Maintain/update client brand guidelines to stay current.
  • Manage studio production artists and freelancers. 
  • Train new creative hires on studio process and file management.
  • Work with agency staff to identify and suggest solutions on how to improve and maintain consistent processes, workflow systems and quality control methods.
  • Oversee production quality control and assessment.
  • Review studio/production time schedules and estimates where needed.
  • Track usage, maintenance and needs of creative-related tech and equipment; computers, printers, scanners and digital cameras, etc.
  • Maintain agency archiving, filing systems and server management.
  • Research and recommend IT resources and maintain IT partner relationships
  • Research and recommend in-studio content creation when/where it makes sense.
  • Oversee in-studio digital photography and video production.
  • Build relationships with creative resources and venders
  • Help source/oversee outside print production as needed
  • Keep abreast of current trends and research new technologies to help increase agency efficiencies
  • Procure and track studio supplies – work with agency purchaser for all consumables.

New Promised Land Print Ad – Pumpkin Spice Flavor Introduction


We don’t get to do many ads for Promised Land Dairy, so it’s nice to do a full campaign. This last installment is introducing a new flavor: Pumpkin Spice.

Since this product’s big point of difference is the unique richness of their flavor, we tried to visually articulate the dominant flavor characteristic that we think will sell this product.

You can see the other two ads here:
Salted Caramel Latte
Mint Chocolate Chip

New Promised Land Print Ad – Mint Chocolate Chip Flavor Introduction


As stated before, we don’t get to do many ads for Promised Land Dairy. We did get a chance to do another—this time introducing a new flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip.

Since this product’s big point of difference is the unique richness of their flavor, we tried to visually articulate the dominant flavor characteristic that we think will sell this product.

We hope this will be part of a full campaign, based on the other flavors being introduced this year. Stay tuned.

New Promised Land Dairy Website – Launched

My client, Promised Land Dairy, asked us to redesign their website in a way that represented an evolution of their brand look. While were were at it, we rebuilt it from the ground up in WordPress. This allowed us to bring in some much needed content management, better search and indexing tools, as well as making it responsive to mobile devices. Here are a few design comps that lead to the final site execution:





Promised Land Dairy Ad – Salted Caramel Latte Flavor Introduction

PLD AD_Eating Well_sm

It’s not very often, but we sometimes get the opportunity to do some print advertising for Promised Land Dairy. Here, we are introducing a new flavor: Salted Caramel Latte.

Since this product’s big point of difference is the unique richness of their flavor, we tried to visually articulate the dominant flavor characteristic that we think will sell this product.

We hope to create a full campaign, including digital media, based on the other flavors being introduced this year. Stay tuned.

I wasn’t happy with the final layout, so I updated it:


LAUNCH – ReFuel Logo Exploration

The art director crew at LAUNCH, was asked to create an internal logo for our upcoming employee retreat. I didn’t have much time to play with options, so I tried to capitalize on the LAUNCH branding. My goal was to create something that I wouldn’t mind wearing as a T-shirt graphic.

Here were my submissions:







The agency partners went with another option, that better articulated the potential whimsy of the event.

Logo Designs – 2014

Since many of our clients have existing brands, I rarely get the opportunity to design logos. Here are a few that I was able to create over the past year or so.

BikeDFW Logo

BikeDFW Logo Redesign: I was asked to give the organization a fresh and more contemporary look. To help achieve this, I let the visual of the bike speak for the first part of the name. For usage out of context, I made an option which includes the group’s URL, “”, to complete the story.

BSB Insurance Logo

Boyd, Shackelford & Barnett Insurance Logo Redesign: I was asked to create a logo mark that felt sophisticated and conservative, but also celebrated it’s founders as industry leaders.

Garages of Texas Logo

Garages of Texas Logo: I was asked to create a logo for a brand new concept for luxury garage suites, that starting up in Dallas. Although I created the original idea for this, the talented Ellen Giles helped finish it out.

Promised Land Diary Moo Crew Logo

Promised Land Dairy’s Moo Crew Logo: As part of our client’s new ambassador program, I developed this logo. It started as a T-Shirt design, but ended up being the cornerstone of the entire campaign.


DFW F-Type Club Logo: I generate many ads for Park Place Dealerships. One of which was promoting a local enthusiast group for one of the makes they sell. Since it was a new organization, I took the liberty of designing a logo for them to use on their ad. They ended up using it for their group.

Social Media Spec Logo

Social Media Dallas Logo (SPEC): Here is a logo that I had fun creating for a co-worker’s club. Playing with the iconic speech bubble, juxtaposed with the classic look of bitmap styling, I tried to communicate a strong digital presence, complimented with a bold sense of community. Unfortunately, they went with another option.


LAUNCH 11th Anniversary Logo: When the ad agency that I work for turned 11, I did a fun logo, playing off of the Spinal Tap meme.