Logo Designs – 2014

Since many of our clients have existing brands, I rarely get the opportunity to design logos. Here are a few that I was able to create over the past year or so.

BikeDFW Logo

BikeDFW Logo Redesign: I was asked to give the organization a fresh and more contemporary look. To help achieve this, I let the visual of the bike speak for the first part of the name. For usage out of context, I made an option which includes the group’s URL, “BikeDFW.org”, to complete the story.

BSB Insurance Logo

Boyd, Shackelford & Barnett Insurance Logo Redesign: I was asked to create a logo mark that felt sophisticated and conservative, but also celebrated it’s founders as industry leaders.

Garages of Texas Logo

Garages of Texas Logo: I was asked to create a logo for a brand new concept for luxury garage suites, that starting up in Dallas. Although I created the original idea for this, the talented Ellen Giles helped finish it out.

Promised Land Diary Moo Crew Logo

Promised Land Dairy’s Moo Crew Logo: As part of our client’s new ambassador program, I developed this logo. It started as a T-Shirt design, but ended up being the cornerstone of the entire campaign.


DFW F-Type Club Logo: I generate many ads for Park Place Dealerships. One of which was promoting a local enthusiast group for one of the makes they sell. Since it was a new organization, I took the liberty of designing a logo for them to use on their ad. They ended up using it for their group.

Social Media Spec Logo

Social Media Dallas Logo (SPEC): Here is a logo that I had fun creating for a co-worker’s club. Playing with the iconic speech bubble, juxtaposed with the classic look of bitmap styling, I tried to communicate a strong digital presence, complimented with a bold sense of community. Unfortunately, they went with another option.


LAUNCH 11th Anniversary Logo: When the ad agency that I work for turned 11, I did a fun logo, playing off of the Spinal Tap meme.