About Me

I am Richard Wezensky: associate creative director, art director, graphic designer, artist, husband, father, bicyclist, advocate and sci-fi pop culture fan.

Art Direction and Graphic Design:
My ambition, motivation and passion are driven by creativity and design. Having worked many years in the graphics, print and advertising industries, I’ve developed a broad range of experience throughout my career. I’ve been at my current agency, LAUNCH, for over 15 years, where I continue to stay inspired to make good design and even win a few awards.

I am also a bicycle enthusiast and advocate, where I spend most of my free time riding or working to make bicycling better in my area. I describe myself as a “Practical Cyclist” and “Bike Commuter.”

I am the founder of the blog Suburban Assault, which is focused on riding a bicycle to explore my city, as well as using it as a practical form of transportation. I’ve also founded Bike Friendly Richardson, a very active bicycle advocacy group in the city of Richardson, Texas.

I am a former President, and now the Director of Education, of BikeDFW, one of the largest bicycle advocacy groups in north Texas. I am also a League Cycling Instructor (#3760) with The League of American Bicyclists.

email: wezensky@gmail.com
twitter: @dickdavid
facebook: richard.wezensky
linked in: richard wezensky
flickr: dickdavid
instagram: richard_wezensky

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